Business Insider ranks Jamaica 9th on a list of the 25 Best Caribbean Islands. Your Jamaican Tour Guide capitalizes on Jamaica’s perennial appeal to tourists by offering private custom tours of the island.

MSN Travel has featured an article written by Melia Robinson and Andy Kiersz of Business Insider ranking islands in the Caribbean based on some select criteria. The article titled “RANKED: The 25 Best Caribbean Islands” was created after the authors compared the islands based on the affordability of a night’s stay, the size of their beaches, number of tourist attractions and accessibility. Jamaica was sitting pretty in the top 10 after securing the number 9 position due to its diverse and large offering of activities.

Best Carribean Island

In the section of the article about Jamaica, the authors state, “Whether you’re looking to kick up your adrenaline in the great outdoors or just chill out under some palm trees, Jamaica has something for everyone. It has a low beach density score of 0.09, but 164 attractions, including the Blue Mountains and a Bob Marley Museum.”

Jamaica being the considered the best Caribbean Island has consistently been ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in the English speaking Caribbean for years, this fact evidenced by its position as the 3rd most visited Caribbean Island for 2014 in statistics released by the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

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Best Carribean Island

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Anyone interested in experiencing for themselves what to do in Jamaica, that caused Business Insider to rank Jamaica at number 9 on their list, may have their best vacation to the island if they see it with a Your Jamaican Tour Guide private custom tour.