The world famous Rick’s Cafe is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions. Located on West End Road, Negril, Jamaica, Rick’s Cafe is known worldwide for it’s high cliffs and the native divers. Rick’s Cafe first opened it’s doors in April 1974 by founder Richard Hershman. At that time Negril was not the lively, buzzing Negril […]

The fabulous Green Grotto Caves located in Discovery Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica are one of the island’s most popular attractions. Its name was derived from the signature green algae on the walls of the cave. History states that the cave was first used by the Taino Indians for the purpose of shelter; this was made clear by […]

Legend has it that the Rose Hall Great House is haunted by the spirit of its former mistress, Annie Palmer. Nicknamed the White Witch of Rose Hall, Annie is said to have killed her three husbands and countless slave lovers. The plantation was built in 1770 by John Palmer and his wife but later became […]

All inclusive luxury vacations in Jamaica provide the perfect opportunity to experience the ocean in new and exciting ways. The Caribbean Sea offers a host of adventurous watersports and memorable activities, and Jamaica is the perfect setting for these aquatic adventures. Jamaica is a large Caribbean island discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. Aside from […]