What form of payment do the attraction accept ?

The bigger attractions like Dunns River, Mystic Mountain etc they will accept credit cards and cash. The smaller attractions such as Pelican Bar would only accept cash.


Do I pay with local currency or can I use US Dollar ?

All locations accept US currency, and it is actually preferred. All locations also of course accept local currency. Other currencies can be accepted, but not recommended.


Are we expected to tip the guides as the attractions?

Yes, the guides that work at the attractions (for example the guys that take you up the waterfalls at Dunn’s River), they work on tips only. So, a tip would be greatly appreciated.


Are entrance fees included in your tours?

Entrance fees are not included in standard tours. All entrance fees, local lunch, and a cooler of drinks are included in our PREMIUM tours.


Are all of your tours private?

Yes, all of our tours are private tours.


What form of payment do you accept for your tours?

We prefer cash in US dollars, but we do accept credit cards. We can send you an online invoice via PayPal. An additional 5% fee is added to cover credit card processing fees that is charged to us.


What happens if it rains when we are on a tour?

Unfortunately that is mother nature, but one thing to keep in mind in Jamaica, is that it never rains for long. So, if it does rain, it will end soon and you will be able to carry on with your tour 🙂


Can we get a discount if we book multiple tours and airport transfer?

Yes, we offer discounts is you book more than one tour and airport transfers.


How many people can you accommodate on your tours?

We can accommodate as many people that are in your group. Just let us know and we can make it happen.

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