mayfield falls jamaicaIf you are a nature lover and want an adventure, you need to visit Mayfield Falls Jamaica. Firstly, it is a nature lovers dream come true, nestled in the moutains found in Glenbrook District on the border between Westmoreland and Hanover. 

Secondly, Mayfield Falls and Mineral Spring is a perfect attraction for the entire family and any group trip. It’s is one of the best eco-tourism attractions that promises a breathtaking scenery which is second to none. You will find a wide variety of birds, over fifty (50) varieties of Fern and a vast amount of exotic flowers. In other words, it is a place that can’t be missed.

Mayfield Falls Jamaica is Ideal for Nature Lovers

The location is a natural paradise that you will love and appreciate the experience.  Climb two of the most amazing waterfalls while the sparkling mountain spring water cascades over your body. If you are not able to participate in climbing the falls, there are twenty-one (21) natural pools extending their invitations to dive in and enjoy refreshing relaxation.

Great for Hikes

In addition to the water falls, Mayfield Falls and Mineral Spring also caters to those who are more interested in going on a hike and interacting with the wildlife up close and personal. The “dry land” adventures include hiking and listening to the wide variety of birds along the water banks. Relax inside the bamboo huts along the river bank or lounge on the lawn chairs. You will be surrounded by clean, crisp, fresh and healthy mountain air.  

Great Authentic Food

After the waterfall experience, it would not be completed without meals prepared by the talented chef. The chef ensures that all visitors leave with a taste of traditional Jamaican dishes prepared with local ingredients. 

Start Packing 

In conclusion, you need to pack your bags and head on over to Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs.

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