Jamaica has many amazing places to visit, other than just the beautiful beaches. Jamaica is known for its lush scenery and nature, one of the most famous ones is Black River Safari in Jamaica. Not to be confused with Dunn’s River Falls, this historical river is perfect for nature lovers or those who just want to experience the magical beauty of wildlife. Because of the kind of breathtaking scenery that you will experience here, Black River is now tagged as a Protected National Heritage District by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. Listed below are the top reasons why you should visit the Black River in Jamaica:

1. Touch a crocodile!

You probably could not imagine ever being able to come near, more so touch a crocodile, but at Black River in Jamaica, you can actually make that a reality! These are salt water crocodiles that lived in the Great Morass. Unlike the ordinary crocodiles, they are actually less aggressive and you can see the local tour guides petting them like a normal pet. Word of caution though: just make sure that you only come close to these crocs with an experienced Black River Jamaica tour guide.

2. Learn about different species of mangroves and water lilies.

One of the things that you will most appreciate would be how much the tour guides know about the Black River. Be enthralled by picturesque landscapes with its mangroves and greenery. Being in the Black River can really make you feel like an adventurous hero on a mission! The emerald waters, vibrant colored birdlife and exotic flowers of all kinds look like they came out of a colorful storybook. These surroundings have their own stories, and you will enjoy hearing it from the Black River Jamaica tour guides. To say that you will be blown away may be an understatement in one of the most beautiful rivers in Jamaica.

3. See the longest river on the island.

For the longest time, the Black River in Jamaica was thought to be the longest river on the island. This was proven to be a different river, now known as the Rio Minho that stands almost 93 km in length. This does not change the fact that the Black River is still the longest in terms of being able to navigate through. Out of all the rivers in Jamaica, you would most likely see majority of the greenery and tropical surroundings in the Black River.

4. Visit the crocodiles’ natural habitat.

When exploring the Black River you will be surprised to find that the salt water crocodiles come near your boat. It will feel as if you can actually touch them, and in most cases, the Jamaican tour guides probably will. With crocodiles at arm’s length and breathtaking views of birds, trees and flowers, even the flamingo would pop in occasionally in this river.

5. Enjoy the Black River Safari boat trip.

The Black River Safari boat trip will take you on a six mile trip up the historic river. Seeing almost 100 species of birds, fishes, crocodiles and other exotic wildlife will surely make this a nature trip that you will never forget!