ricks cafe negril jamaica

The world famous Rick’s Cafe is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions. Located on West End Road, Negril, Jamaica, Rick’s Cafe is known worldwide for it’s high cliffs and the native divers.

Rick’s Cafe first opened it’s doors in April 1974 by founder Richard Hershman. At that time Negril was not the lively, buzzing Negril we know today. It was a sleepy fishing village that was yet undeveloped, it lacked running water, electricity and telephone services. The first owner was a doctor and the son of the first Governor General of independent Jamaica.

The highlight of Rick’s Cafe is most definitely the cliff diving. Natives and tourists alike all enjoy the adventure and thrill when diving off the cliffs. There are five jump off points at various heights from which to dive, the height ranges are 10-35 ft. The Rick’s Cafe has the most beautiful cove along the West End Cliffs and patrons enjoy diving of the cliffs or to simply watch the professionals do it. There are lifeguards on site that accept a ‘tip’ for showing their stunts, but diving is at your own risk.

At Rick’s Cafe there is a bar and restaurant, which was the first of it’s kind in West End Negril. Local and international dishes are available and you can go for the day and have lunch with your friends and family. If you are one who prefers an ice-cold drink, you can indulge yourself at the bar. Drink an ice-cold Red Stripe Beer while watching the cliff divers entertain the viewers with their adventurous stunts or just enjoy the scenery of the beautiful, pristine Caribbean Sea.

The other notable occurrence at the Rick’s Cafe is the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. Because of it’s location, the Cafe has the perfect view of the sunsets and gives the patrons the opportunity to snap beautiful pictures. It sets a romantic and natural ambiance for visitors, so whether you are a nature lover or a couple in love, the Cafe is where you need to be to experience this natural beauty.ricks cafe jamaica

The Cafe was completely destroyed in 1988 by Hurricane Gilbert but was later restored. Waves with heights of 25 ft crashed onto the cliffs and trees. It was later destroyed yet again by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.It was once again restored and is now bigger and better than ever.

The venue is suitable for adults and children alike and all can partake in the diving experience. The most important thing to note is that access to the cliffs is entirely FREE!

Now you have no excuses. Come out and have fun with us!