Your Jamaican Tour Guide, a tour company based out of Montego Bay, Jamaica, was recently hailed as one of the best Jamaica tour providers. Alrick Allen had the pleasure of taking Chef Amy Sins, International Award Winning cookbook author and the owner of the Langlois restaurant, on his popular “tasting tour”.

Allen was able to show the New Orleans restaurant owner a number of places on the tour, and allow her to taste Jamaican cuisine. After remarking that Allen provided the “best Jamaican tour,” she stated that she plans to use her experience for inspiration for new dishes and flavors at her restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, that strives to provide a unique dining experience.

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Allen states, “It was a pleasure to escort Ms. Sins and show her what Jamaica has to offer. We are all very pleased that she plans to incorporate some of our culture into her dishes.” Some of the dishes that Sins sampled, as well as detailed information about the tasting tours offered by Your Jamaican Tour Guide can be seen on the company’s website at

Allen explains that the company’s Jamaica Tasting Tour was created based on the requests of previous guests who were interested in sampling authentic Jamaican cuisine from local communities. He says that typically, food in resorts is prepared in a different manner than locals prepare it, because it is made to cater to larger groups. The tour provides an authentic tasting of foods prepared by local cooks and chefs, giving tour attendees a more sincere look at Jamaican culture.

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Sins was very impressed with the foods that she sampled, and Allen states that she plans to use these foods in her restaurant, Langlois. More about the restaurant, which is one of the most unique in New Orleans, can be seen at

Allen states that the tour company could not be more pleased that authentic Jamaican tastes are going to be making their way into Louisiana, and he hopes that this will inspire others to join the tour and get a real taste of Jamaican culture.

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