, a three time Certificate of Excellence Award winner from, offers award winning service to their guests that are visiting the beautiful island of Jamaica. They are now offering an authentic “Taste of Jamaica” tour for visitors of Jamaica that want to experience the rich, unique flavors of the island.

Apart from it’s natural beauty, the island of Jamaica is known for its rich, unique and flavorful food and drinks. From curry chicken to Red Stripe beer, Jamaica has it’s own distinct flavor that is often one of the many highlights for those that vacation to the island. With this in mind, a local family run tour company, is offering an authentic “Taste of Jamaica” tour to their already unique tour offerings. This private, customized tour focuses on sampling the vast flavors of the island.

taste of jamaica

The tour stops at local fruit stands to have fresh mangoes, pineapples, Jamaican apples, coconuts and more! Guests will have a chance to try local popular drinks such as Ting soda, Red Stripe beer as well as natural juices. The tour continues for as guests experience chicken, pork or fish cooked in a variety of different ways – curry, jerk, brown stew, fried and more. Stops even include local Rastafarian soup, and authentic Jamaican patties with warm coco bread. This tour has been highly rated as one of the best Jamaica tours on the island.

“We are stuffed! This was for sure one of my favorite tours – getting away from the resort and eating authentic Jamaican food really allows you to experience and “taste” Jamaica like a local. We highly recommend this tour – but come with an empty stomach!” said Jane, a satisfied customer.

“Many of our guests talk about how much they love Jamaican food and actually recommended we create a “Tasting Tour”, so we did, and it has been a huge hit. In fact it is one of our most popular tours, people love it!” said Leon, a representative of

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