Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is located about 30 minutes from Montego Bay in the little town called Anchovy. The sanctuary is located down a narrow, rough road but a great haven for birds.  The Rocklands property was purchased back in 1954 by Lisa Salmon also known as “the bird lady”. She loved to write, pain and […]

Rafting on the Martha Brae is one of the most popular rafting attractions in Jamaica. It is located in the town of Falmouth (same area as the Glistening Waters attraction and the new Cruise port). It is about 45 minutes from Montego Bay. When you arrive you will see an area where you can eat […]

Are you looking for information on private airport transfers from the Montego Bay airport in Jamaica? Here are some examples (from my experience with guests) on why they personally wanted a private transfer. Pick up some groceries on your way to the hotel Have kids with a lot of stuff and want to take your […]