Vacation in the Caribbean Islands opens tourists to a lot of opportunities and fun destinations to explore. From the elegance those amenities-packed hotels in Jamaica to the allure of white sands by the beaches, perhaps one of the much-hidden secrets of Jamaica is its abundant collection of some of the most stunning waterfalls anywhere in the world. If you’ll like to explore, then you’ve got a lot of options, but right here, we’ll show you five of the best waterfalls in Jamaica so you could spice up your holiday in this part of the tropical paradise.

Dunn’s Waterfall Jamaica

The Dunn Waterfall is perhaps the most popular among the many Jamaican waterfalls. This charming landmark gift of nature is just a five-minute drive from Ocho Rios and is a popular site for both tourists as well as cruise ship passengers cruising through the island. Over the years, the waterfall has been greatly developed into a world-class modern park with parking, refreshment and shopping infrastructures. This is a site you’ll surely love due to its charm and beauty. There is usually a rite of passage as tourists hold hands together, friends and strangers regardless to create a snake-like pattern as people make their way up the 200-meter fall under the watch of friendly guides taking your pictures as you swim along in the deep pools of the Dunns.

YS Waterfalls Jamaica

Another beautiful attraction in the South Coast Parish of St. Elizabeth is the YS Falls. The less explored part of St. Elizabeth is home to a seven-tiered waterfall in an eco-friendly location that will bring you the closest you can get to nature. The YS Falls is unarguably among the best waterfalls in Jamaica. It has a pool down below, fed by an underground spring with a surrounding of expansive lawns suitable for picnics along with a dedicated children’s playground.

Ys falls jamaica

Mayfield Falls

You can’t even discuss the best Jamaican waterfalls without a clear mention of the Mayfield Waterfalls. This fall takes a prominent place among the various waterfalls of Jamaica and it is definitely the dream destination of many nature lovers and eco-travelers. It also has a strategic location advantage as it is just an hour’s drive from Negril, a half hour drive from Lucea, and an hour-and-half drive from Montego Bay. The completely natural surrounding is tranquil and quiet except for the sound of running waters. There is also the Dolphin Head Mountains that will give your pictures the perfect backdrop in this nature’s own heart. There are guides available to provide local knowledge of the area, the wildlife, and the river and tourists can also indulge in the delicacy of home-cooked food available in the park.

Mayfield Falls

Somerset Falls

The Somerset Falls is located in the parish of Portland, near Port Antonio. The beautiful Somerset Falls is surrounded by a lush rainforest and you’ll find around the original dams and aqueducts that were built by the Spanish settlers who lived by here some 400 years ago. This waterfall is definitely among the best waterfalls in Jamaica and offers eco-travelers a lot with its collection of exotic birds as you explore the fall in all its beauty and tranquility.

sommerset falls jamaica

Reach Falls

The Reach Falls is another destination if you’re looking for some of the best Jamaican waterfalls. It is situated in Machioneal, Portland and is just an hour’s drive from Port Antonio. The fall is comprised of two successive waterfalls and you can as well explore the hidden cave behind the waterfall. The fall has many pools in which you can swim in and if you’re brave enough, your guide can show you how to dive from the high points of the waterfalls right into the cold pool waiting at the bottom.

reach falls jamaica

Jamaica has a lot to offer tourists and these beautiful Jamaican waterfalls and many others are one of the few ways you can explore the island. With sites that will bring you closer to nature itself, tourists are able to have a really memorable time exploring these falls hidden right away from the hustle and bustle of city life.