Kool Runnings Adventure Park, Negril


The famous bobsled slide

“What an experience!” Kool Runnings Adventure Park which is located in Negril, Jamaica promises an experience like no other. Kool Runnings Adventure Park prides itself on meeting and exceeding international standards, therefore, you know that it rated amongst the best. This adventure park provides both water and on-land activities and it is the perfect place for the entire family to have the best time of their lives here.


Kool Runnings Adventure Park is the largest water park in Jamaica and there are over 10 slides and all these slides are one in a million. The Green Grotto slide is 385 ft long and is named after Jamaica’s most famous cave and underwater lake which is second to none in the world. This slide has a built-in 3D electronic system and virtual imaging and audio technology which allows you to select the theme of your choice as you go through this slide. I mean, this is like the most awesome waterslide ever!

The other slides are equally unique and fun, and as such, I must make mention of the “Kick Pupplick” slide. This slide is not for the weak at heart and you must be able to swim in order to go on it because it is one of the most nerve-wracking slides. This slide plunges you from a height of 40ft into a 28ft diameter catch pool which is called the “Splash Bowl” which functions like a bowl being flushed. There is also “Captain Mikie’s Coconut Island” which is designed specifically for the little ones who can’t ride on the slides.

The Adventure Zone is home to a lot of other fun activities. The “Kayaking Zone” features fiberglass two-person kayaks that can be operated by one or two persons. Persons can kayak the entire Great Morass while admiring the vast wetlands wildlife. There is also the “Jamboo Rafting” which is done along the Great Morass. Each raft is powered by one or two guides using the traditional bamboo poles.

“Kool Kanoe” is a part of the zone and this involves cruising down the Great Morass in a 14ft long kanoe. Each kanoe can carry up to 8 adults and a guide who tags along and entertains by providing information about the canal and wildlife.

There is “Go Kart Racing” which features both one and two-person cars. These cars are Formula K powered, hence, promising an exhilarating experience. Next is the “Outdoor Laser Kombat” which features the use of electronic infrared handheld transmitters. This game is similar to paintball shooting but it is paint-less and painless. It is also computerized and proved to be completely harmless.

If you are having doubt about this game, you can opt for the traditional paintball game which is available as well. And finally in this zone is the “4 Spin Human Gyroscope”. This takes up to 4 persons on the heart-pounding gyrations experienced by astronauts in outer space.

Further entertainment also includes the DJ playing some of the hottest hits while other entertainers participate in hula-hoop and dance contests. “Safari Dwayne” also hosts the daily “Animal Show” during which he displays a variety of animals which are indigenous to Jamaica. This show is usually held on the main stage and is free of charge.

Sound like the place you would love to visit? Buy your tickets and head on over to Kool Runnings Adventure Park for an invigorating and exhilarating experience you would not want to miss!  https://yourjamaicantourguide.com/tour/negril-highlight-tour/

kanoing on the Great Morass