What to wear in Jamaica? The clothing theme in Jamaica is comfort. It is recommended to wear lightweight cottons and linens. Try to avoid synthetic material, which may not be as breathable as woolens and linens.

Hats, particularly with large brims, and sunglasses are also highly recommended for travelers. Sun block is also a must-wear for most vacationers. Sundresses are very common.Also, mosquito’s are abundant at night, so make sure to bring extra bug spray.

The following tips will help you fit in, and avoid accidentally offending more conservative islanders:

  • If you are traveling for business, a suit, jacket and tie are expected, and the usual formalities and courtesies are observed.
  • Shorts and bathing suits are acceptable on beaches, it is suggested to bring a cover up to walk in town or eating at the resturants
  • Club attire is generally more revealing than clothes worn any other time during the day or night, particularly for women (but it is best to err on the side of caution!)

As always, it’s best to be aware of the attire expected at a specific location. Many all-inclusive resorts have little to no dress code in place, but some resorts and hotels require women to wear dresses or slacks and men to wear suits and ties at their restaurants. Kingston is known for being a bit more upscale, and women particularly may want to avoid wearing jeans in this city, meanwhile Negril is known for its laid-back side.

During the “winter” – November, December – the weather is slightly cooler, but you should not change your attire, it is still warm. A light sweater may be good for nights walking along the beach.

In summary, sundresses and flip flops are most common for women. Tshirt and shorts for men.