bob marley mausoleum nine mileNine Mile is known for being the birthplace of the legendary reggae king Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley. It is located in the rural countryside in the parish of St. Ann, a few miles south of Brown’s Town. It is accessed via deep, winding roads and it is where Bob Marley’s body lies in the Marley Mausoleum.

Bob Marley was born in a small cottage in this small rural town and lived here until he was thirteen years old. The inspiration for many of his songs came from his memories growing up in the village. It is also where his ‘rock pillow’ which he often lay his head on when seeking inspiration is located.

On a visit to Bob’s home in Nine Mile guests are treated to a tour of the property by Rastafarian guides. Some of these guides are relatives and friends of the reggae legend and perform renditions of his songs as a part of the tour. They tell you stories of how Bob grew up and things he did as a child. They show you the home he grew up in and many of his personal effects including his guitar and his favorite chair. The tour includes a view of the bed he slept in as a child and the well he fetched water from for use in the home. His gold and platinum records, along with photographs are also on display.

There are two mausoleums on the property: Cedella Booker’s mausoleum or ‘Mama Marley’ as she was popularly known, her tomb is located in a mausoleum by itself. The other mausoleum houses the tomb of Bob and his brother Anthony Booker. Bob’s tomb is located on the top, with Anthony’s beneath his.

Bob was buried on May 21, 1981 in a 8.2ft oblong marble mausoleum inside a small church of traditional Ethiopian design. His beloved guitar was buried with him and it was only fitting that he was buried in the same place that his life and musical career begun. Before entering the mausoleum you will be asked to remove your shoe, as a sign of respect for Bob.

nine mile jamaicaAfter the tour you will be able to purchase countless Bob Marley memorabilia in the gift shop. It is a good idea to view the community also and not just the home and mausoleums to get a feel of what his everyday life was like.

In the month of February, Nine Mile is brought alive by the Reggae Month festivities which coincide with the birthday celebrations for Bob Marley. It is a wonderful experience that allows you to get to know about his life on a more personal level.

Martin S says: This was a chill and relaxed tour and our guide kept us well entertained and informed throughout. The trip was well worth it.

Facoar says: As you are stand in front of Bob Marley’s grave you can’t help but feel in awe.

Come on and experience the tour for yourself and pretty soon you too will be leaving stellar reviews. ONE LOVE!

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