Martha Brae RaftingRafting on the Martha Brae is one of the most popular rafting attractions in Jamaica.

It is located in the town of Falmouth (same area as the Glistening Waters attraction and the new Cruise port). It is about 45 minutes from Montego Bay.

When you arrive you will see an area where you can eat at the picnic tables, a souvenir shop, swimming pool and a full service bar.

This attraction was established over 40 years ago, so it is a long standing place for tourists. There are 85 licensed and experienced raft captains that work there.

You will be traveling on a 30 foot long bamboo raft. The raft is navigated down a 3 mile stretch down the beautiful Martha Brae river.

The entire trip lasts about one hour long, from boarding the raft to departing the raft.

“The Legend of Martha Brae”

The legend tells of an old Arawak witch, who lived on the bank of the river. Having heard tales of Arawak gold, Spanish hunters captured the witch to lead them to the treasure.

Pretending to comply she led them into a cave, then suddenly disappeared.

Frightened, the Spaniards ran out of the cave but the river engulfed them.

The witch then changed the course of the river forever.

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