What to wear in Jamaica? The clothing theme in Jamaica is comfort. It is recommended to wear lightweight cottons and linens. Try to avoid synthetic material, which may not be as breathable as woolens and linens. Hats, particularly with large brims, and sunglasses are also highly recommended for travelers. Sun block is also a must-wear […]

The unit of currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar. $1 USD equals approximately 89.29 JMD, but the rate of exchange changes almost daily, and visitors should be advised to wait until they arrive in Jamaica to exchange their money. This will ensure they receive the most up-to-date rate. A great site to see conversion […]

Avoid long delays passing through Customs by brushing up on some basic information for international travelers headed to Jamaica. The island’s expressive culture makes Jamaica a paradise of arts, crafts and souvenirs for any and every taste. Knowing the customs regulations for Jamaica and your home country will guarantee a hassle-free travel experience. As a […]

Jamaica follows Eastern Standard Time all year. In other words, Jamaica is on the same time schedule as the East Coast of the United States except during the period of daylight-saving time. Then, Jamaica is one hour behind the eastern United States. The time never changes, they do not honor any time changes.