1. Premium Tours

Any tour that you book with us can be upgraded to a PREMIUM tour. These tours include transportation, entrance fees, local lunch and a cooler of beer, water and soda.

These tours are designed so that you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy your day – we have everything taken care of. The less you need to worry about the better!

So, when booking your tour, just let us know you want to upgrade to PREMIUM.


2. Rental Phonesblu smartphone

Keeping in touch with your family back home is very important. Unfortunately, some cell phone companies do not make that very easy due to extremely high per minute international rates.

We offer cell phone rentals for the time of your stay. The rentals include unlimited international minutes.

The cost is only $35 for your trip, and you will have a great smartphone for the week without having to worry about high phone fees.

When booking your airport pickup, just let us know you would like a phone and we will bring it to you and then pickup on your departure.

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