Travel with JUTA

JUTAHere in Jamaica, we value our guests so much we have a transport service specifically for visitors. It’s called JUTA, Jamaica Union of Travelers Association. Equipped with a fleet of well-maintained, air-conditioned cars, buses, coaches and luxury vehicles, each piloted by experienced and friendly drivers, JUTA is the right choice for visitors looking for more than just a way to get from one place to another. Choosing JUTA means that not only will you travel to your destination in comfort and style, but you’ll also enjoy extremely personal service – all in all, making for a memorable Jamaican experience.

JUTA drivers are certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board, and as such have attended seminars about Jamaica’s history, culture, geography, and flora and fauna. Armed with this special training, JUTA operators often double as impromptu tour guides. On route, they’ll happily entertain you with interesting historical facts, bits of local trivia and rural lore. Eager to share the joys of their home with visitors, JUTA drivers will also gladly stop at scenic spots, fruit stalls and restaurants along the way to allow you to experience local delicacies, beverages and vistas firsthand.

What’s more, JUTA operators come highly recommended, guaranteeing their reliability and professionalism. In order to be licensed by the JTB, a JUTA driver must have a contract with a reputable hotel or tourism enterprise. Furthermore, all JUTA vehicles must adhere to the strict standards set by the Jamaican Transport Authority, and undergo regular road fitness tests. As a result, the vehicles are always in the best condition, ensuring your safety and comfort.

JUTA members may be differentiated from non-official contract carriage operators by their Jamaica Tourist Board identification tag, and by the red plates and JTB decal, emblazoned on their vehicle.

So if, on your vacation, you’d rather skip the exciting world of Jamaican public transportation or the adventure of driving yourself around the island, the JUTA option is your obvious choice. With JUTA, you’ll travel safely and comfortably throughout Jamaica, while learning about and experiencing the best of our island home.

The Jamaican Tourist Board