South Coast Tour

Take a tour down to the South Coast of Jamaica and explore its natural beauty.

It is recommended to leave early in the morning, around 8am. You can choose 3 out of the 4 attractions below.

– YS Falls – waterfalls, zip line, water pools and more
– Appleton Estates – see how the famous Jamaican Appleton Rum is made
-Black River Safari – take a safari boat ride to see Jamaican crocodiles and more
– The Pelican Bar – unique bar quarter of a mile out in the sea
– Stop for lunch (optional)

Note: Please note, the roads towards these attractions curve around the many hills on the island and can be very bumpy.

Attraction operating times and entrance fees:

YS Falls
Tuesday-Sunday, 9:30am-3:30pm
Adults – US$19.00/person
Child – US$10/person
Fee – US$6 (20 mins)
Adult – US$50
Child – US$20

Appleton Rum Tour
Monday-Saturday, 9am-4pm
Entrance fee – US$30/person

Black Safari River
Monday-Sunday, 9am-5pm
Boat tour – US$20/person

Pelican Bar
15 min boat ride $20 each
Call ahead for food

Pick up/Drop off LocationPriceNo. of PersonsPrice for each additional person
Negril$1701-2 Persons$25
Montego Bay$1951-2 Persons$25
Grand Palladium$1751-2 Persons$25
Runaway Bay$2851-2 Persons$25
*These rates are for transportation only and do not include entry fees.
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