Montego Bay, Jamaica business Your Jamaican Tour Guide is proud to announce that they now offer airport transfers to Runaway Bay in Jamaica. This is proving to be an increasingly popular tourist destination due to the new resorts that are now located in Runaway Bay. All Montego Bay Jamaica airport transfers to Runaway Bay and YourJamaicanTourGuide, come with complimentary Red Stripe beer and water.

Your Jamaican Tour Guide’s Alrick Allen says: “Runaway Bay is a beautiful part of our island and we are proud to be able to introduce our guests to it. Our service sets itself apart from the rest by being personalized, rather than being one of those huge bus trips that stop at multiple hotels until they get to yours.”

runaway bay

The business has also has a very active Facebook page, and everybody is encouraged to give them a ‘Like’ on On the page, once can see many images and fun times with YourJamaincaTourGuide and their cients. The Facebook page has also been used by many clients to discuss the experiences they have had, as well as to share photographs of their tour and of their guide Alrick Allen.

One of the things people always comment on when they discuss Your Jamaican Tour Guide is the fact that they receive such a personalized service. “It was great seeing you again, Alrick,” says Eric and Sonia. “We especially enjoyed meeting your mother and hope you had a wonderful visit with her. Hope to see you again before the end of the year.”

The new Runaway Bay Montego Bay airport transfer service is proving to be incredibly popular. Runaway Bay is a fantastic location on the island itself, but it is the service that the company provides that people are most interested in. The airport transfer service is provided in clean, air conditioned vehicles and a representative of the tour company awaits their guests with a sign at the airport. They also offer a premium airport transfer service, which includes such things as being able to fast track through security and immigration, as well as access to the Club Mobay. This is an optional extra that people can request when they book their Runaway Bay airport transfer.

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