rose hall great house jamaicaLegend has it that the Rose Hall Great House is haunted by the spirit of its former mistress, Annie Palmer. Nicknamed the White Witch of Rose Hall, Annie is said to have killed her three husbands and countless slave lovers.

The plantation was built in 1770 by John Palmer and his wife but later became the property of John Rose Palmer, his grandnephew. John married Annie, an English girl in the year 1820. Though she was born in England, Annie was raised in Haiti and was taught black magic by her nanny who became her guardian after her parents died from yellow fever. She poisoned, stabbed and strangled her husbands and lovers, even pouring boiling oil in the ear of one.

Annie died in the year 1846, said to be killed by her slave lover ‘Takoo’. The plantation is now owned by former Miss World USA Michelle Rollings and her husband John Rollings. It was restored in the 1960s and features a restaurant and bar. It is now open to the public and guests are able to participate in day and night tours.

Tourists and locals alike have been fascinated for years by the legend that is The White Witch of Rose Hall. The restored property is beautifully furnished with chandeliers and European antique furniture, and features a restaurant and bar so guests are able to relax before and after their tour.

annie palmer white witch jamaicaThere are two tour times available: a day tour and a night tour. For the night tour, guests are led through the great house by candle light and are told eerie, life-like stories by well-trained guides. Be aware though, the night tour is very spooky, if you are easily frightened then you should definitely go on the day tour. The same stories are told, but you are not likely to be as frightened as you would be in the night. The guides tell tales of Annie terrorizing the great house during her life and everyone running in fear when they see her. They also tell of the many ghost sightings of her since her death.

The following are reviews of the tour experience by visitors:

  • Great place to visit, full of interesting history and haunting tales. Tour guide excellent, particularly the song at the end.
  • Definitely worth a visit. The grounds, views and house itself are special to see. Read the book before you visit – The White Witch of Rose Hall, it makes seeing this great house all the more exciting and interesting.
  • I have done limited reading about plantations but it isn’t hard to see that atmosphere when visiting the site. The house is very well restored and quite beautiful in a spooky way. You can imagine what it might have been at the time and the culture that existed then. Worth checking out.

Many reviews are available for viewing online, but this is an experience you have to live for yourself. Relax at the pub and try the infamous ‘Witches Brew’ or take a walk down to the gravesite. There are many ways to explore this legendary great house and soak up the knowledge and history of the slavery and sugar era in Jamaica.


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